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23 October 2023

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Master of Science Internship – Relationships between agronomic practices/systems and biodiversity at the global scale

The first objective of the internship is to reference the existing databases on biodiversity as well as agronomic practices/systems at the global scale. A second objective is to perform an analysis of their level of overlap to define the potential of their joint analysis. Finally, based on a subset of this former work, a correlative analysis between agricultural practices and biodiversity could be engaged with regard of the interest of the student.
The first objective of this internship is to perform a systematic literature review of available global food system models. An expected outcome of this work is to identify/propose possible ways of including biodiversity in global food system models in such a way that feedback loops between biodiversity and agricultural production are captured.
Given the huge challenges agriculture has to face, both in Northern and Southern countries, a radical change in farming practices towards agroecology is required. Most scientific literature on the design of new farming systems describes de novo approaches, which focus on disruption and novelty, without any concern for the way to move from the current system to the innovative one. In this study, we highlight, for the first time, the particular traits of what we will call the step-by-step design approach.
crop field margins with the presence of flower strips photo credit: Paola Salazar
Davide Bellone, Antoine Gardarin, Muriel Valantin‑Morison, Alan Kergunteuil, Foteini G. Pashalidou, Agronomy for Sustainable Development (2023) 43:20

Agronomy joint research unit INRAE - AgroParisTech - Paris-Saclay University

Agronomy joint research unit

Our objective is to produce and mobilize scientific and expert methods and knowledge, from local to global, to (i) assess the impacts on the environment and ecosystem services of current and alternative cropping systems, and (ii) support stakeholders involved in the evolution of agricultural practices by designing resources (knowledge, tools and methods) with them
The Agronomy joint research unit includes researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, technicians and research support staff. It is attached to the AgroEcoSystem departement of INRAE and to the SIAFEE Department (Agronomic, Forestry, Water and Environmental Sciences and Engineering) of AgroParisTech.

Download here a presentation of the unit